Admires TV actors for the hard work they put in — Amrita Rao

Admires TV actors for the hard work they put in -- Amrita Rao
Admires TV actors for the hard work they put in -- Amrita Rao
spotted at an outdoor photo shoot for the brand ‘Flowery’ on Monday says she admires TV actors for their hard work.
Amirta who debuted on television with ‘Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai’ was asked how different are the two film and TV industries, she said, ” They are worlds apart. My sister who is a Tv actress, I really admire her schedules. When I see her work it looks like she is working on 4 different films at the same time. I really admire TV actors for the hard work they put in. I think as Bollywood actors we have more luxury, we come with the contractual clauses that make things very easy for us.”
Talking about the Television debut she said, it was something she wanted to experience. “Last year when I debuted in Tv industry, it took 7 months of my time. It was a big commitment. I wanted to experience working in the TV industry. To find out outHAlie Berry and even Priyanka is working for TV in Hollywood. I took the project only after being sure of it because we are still very conservative in our approach and it will take some time to experience and grow. ‘Meri Awaz Ek Pehchan hai’ had the newness and fresh concept that I was looking for.”
Rao who has been away from the big screen since 2013 said she is waiting for the right project, “When you think of , you have a very niche image and I love that. There you cant replace me with someone else, I have received such few scripts. I think my films have a great repeat value, they are very popular on TV, and that’s what I am looking for in my next projects.”
Amrita was last seen in ‘Jolly LLB’ directed by Subhash Kapoor and ‘Satyagraha’ directed by Prakash Jha.