Would Sign Prateik Babbar, if I turned Director – Rekha


Beautiful and evergreen actress Rekha conferred with the first edition of Smita Patil Memorial Award in the memory of Late Actress Smita Patil on Saturday in Mumbai.
During her inaugural speech, Rekha shared some heartfelt advice and praise for actor Prateik Babbar and added that if she turned director, she would sign on Prateik Babbar as an actor.
“I know you haven’t spent much time with her but you spent a good nine months with her and that’s a lot. Those are very integral, precious, pious, pure and important moments because that was the time when god was actually residing with you in her stomach. You were the purest form of the creator at that point, so all I wanted from you is to remember that time and imbibe every moment you spent with her and if you can do that then there nothing else that matters. I want to say that everything will be alright and when you are in doubt just call me. If you want wordy sense then I am here but there is no way I can match up to her” said Rekha.
Further adding Rekha also hinted that she might turn director someday and will sign Prateik Babbar for her film.
“I think this is actually night devoted to Prateik because he is the living example that she is right here with us. Prateik has impressed me with the word go even before he knew that he could actually act or be in this industry as an actor.
“He did a great job in his films and I have become his fan from that very moment but I still believe that he deserves a world and more. Let me tell you Prateik, patience is a virtue, and I am a living example of that, as I haven’t worked for good 20 years, now. And I am still around. So today, I would like to take the opportunity to say if ever I will become a director for a film then from now only I want to sign Prateik for my film” added Rekha.
Currently, Prateik Babbar is working on his comeback to silver screen with Mulq, which is a Social thriller by Anubhav Sinha.
It is also reported that Prateik is also part of Baaghi 2, starring Tiger Shroff.