When a producer backs commercial film which has good content then it always does well ; Richa Chadda on the success of ‘Fukrey Returns’


Actress is in happy space these days as her last released film ‘’ has performed exceedingly well at the box-office. Richa turned 32 on Monday so she celebrated her birthday with media in Mumbai. During the interview, Richa said that when a producer backs a commercial film which has good content then it always does well at box-office

Talking about success of her last released film, ‘’, Richa said, “I am very happy with the success of ‘’. The kind of business our film is doing at the , it proves that when a good commercial film is created with good content and it gets backing from the producers then it will always does well. If you see, after almost two week after release of the film, we are shooting for special promotional campaign even after its success so it just goes to show when the correct producers support is there to promote the film properly and give it a respectable release then it will do well at the . Producer of our film, Excel Entertainment had belief in our film that is why they went an extra mile and promoted our film so, I feel they deserve huge credit for the success of the film.”

“Today, we are doing a Christmas theme promotion for ‘’. I feel Santa Claus has fulfilled all our wishes. Yesterday on Sunday, our film collected 7 crores at the box-office which is very good for second weekend so I hope we will steadily move forward with our film. Especially audiences are appreciating the film I think that is the ultimate reward”

“I am more happy for our film’s director Mirghdeep Lamba because he didn’t took any other project between the release of Fukrey and as he was focusing on these film so now I think his patients and hard work has paid off”

Talking about her professional journey in 2017, Richa said, “If you see, this year has been good for me so I am happy for it but I am not getting mad with the success similarly, when I go through poor phase, I don’t get mad. I feel as an actor, we go through lots of ups and down in our career so we should be normal as much as possible even though I am very happy right now because I worked in many films which has received critical acclaim but the commercial success of ‘’ is something else”

Talking about her future projects, Richa said, “my three films are releasing in the first quarter of 2018 and we will start shooting of ‘Inside Edge’ in March-April.”

“My first film of 2018 is named ‘3 Storeys’ is produced by Excel Entertainment. It’s really beautiful story. It’s a story of chawl which has three storey and each of them has different stories. I think after many years, audience will able to see Mumbai’s authentic chawl representation through our film just like we used to have in popular television soaps like ‘Nukkad’ or ‘Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi’ which were slice of life stories but in our film, there is thrill element as well. It is directed by Arjun Mukherjee. It will get release on 16th February.”

“After that, there is an international project named ‘Love Sonia’ and after that, Sudhir Msihra’s ‘Dasdev’ will be released. I feel each actor should once work with Sudhir Mishra in his life because you get to learn a lot. Most well-known director of today’s time like Anurag Kashyap, Imtiaz Ali and Nikhil Advani has assisted Sudhir sir and Sudhir sir has assisted well known directors like Shekha Kapoor, Mahesh Bhatt and Kundan Shah so it was nice opportunity for me to work in old classic which is coming up with its new adaptation. I think this one is one of his best film so I am really excited for it. I did film like ‘’ which was commercial film but ‘Dasdev’ is comes under very serious, political, satire, drama zone. I really hope that film will get appreciated by the audience.”

’ has raked in as much as Rs 64.50 crore in just ten days of its release with Sunday’s collection being Rs 6.75 crore.