Valmiki community files complaint against Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty


The Valmiki community has filed a complaint against Bollywood superstar and for uttering the term ‘bhangi’ that has hurt people’s sentiments.

During the promotion of his upcoming film , Salman had reportedly used the word ‘bhangi’ while referring to his dancing skills.

Members of the Valmiki community in Agra protested against the release of Salman’s upcoming film ‘’,  scheduled to release on December 22.

While Shilpa got roped into the issue for using the aforementioned word to describe how she looks at home.

Valmiki Samaj Action Committee Delhi Pradesh shared a copy of a filed complaint on their Facebook page.

The use of the term ‘bhangi’ in such a way by both known actors has exasperated the Valmiki community who have lodged a police complaint and sought action against the film stars.

According to reports, dozens of people from the community reached the district headquarters and chanted slogans against the two actors. They have demanded action against the film stars.