Tiger Zinda Hai is another Airlift – My Opinion for #TigerZindaHai : Rakesh Sharma


The Last big release of the year 2017, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s starrer ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ got released today. Sequal or 2012 Ek Tha Tiger released on 5700 screens, 4600 in India and 1100 outside the country and it’s definitely converted into Big Opening of the year too.

I watched Tiger Zinda Hai in morning today, It was first show and it’s fully packed with the Salman Khan’s fans. From the very first scene from Salman Khan’s entry to the last scene of the film, every time when Salman Khan appears on the screen I heard so many whistles and claps from his fans. This is what Salman Khan’s fans love to watch him on screen. A movie with full of action, thriller, and romance with Katrina Kaif.

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Story: TZH is truly a sequel to 2012 Ek Tha Tiger as it continues the same story that we left in Ek Tha Tiger. Now Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif living a happy life in Austria and they become a parent of 8-year-old son Junior Tiger.  It’s a story where they Both India’s Raw and Pakistan’s ISIS did a joint operation to rescue 25 India and 15 Pakistani nurses as they being hosted by Seria’s  terrorist Usman. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were appointed by their countries to complete the mission.

My Opinion: From Salman Khan’s fans point of view this movie is worth to watch and this will not let you down at any point in time. The movie is full of action scenes and also have good chemistry between Salman & Katrina. In addition, the film has the good social message on India Pakistan relationship.

However, there are lots of things on which movie can’t full fill my expectations. If compare TZH with Ek Tha Tiger then I have not seen anything new, story and patriotism are quite similar to 2016 Akshay Kumar starrer “Airlift’. The airlift was far better than TZH, Airlift was more realistic and every scene in the movie was felt so real. In another hand, Tiger Zinda Hai fails to be on this part. In TZH hai there are lots of scenes where I can’t understand the logic or any connection between the scenes. What I feel Director Ali Abbas Zaffar was more focused on Salman Khan and Katrina kaif’s action and he forgot to work on Dialogues and Story.  There is lots of scope in the film to make this film more effective in terms of direction and plotting.

In terms of Business, Surely film will do good business because it’s a sequel to 2012 Tiger Zinda Hai, which did 199 Cr and become a hit that time. So people will surely come again to watch Salman Khan and Katrina love story and action. TZH got released on 5700 worldwide and more tickets of more than 30 cr were already booked during advance booking. Tiger Zinda Hai will collect around 36-39 Cr on the very first day and easily crosses 100 Cr on the first weekend. Christmas Holiday will give an extra boost to the film and overall its crossed 300 Cr. Which is good for the film as TZH has made with 120 Cr of production cost and 30 Cr of promotions cost in total 150 Cr of Budget.

Go and watch if you are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s fans as Rohit Shetty style car blast action and the chemistry between Salman and Katrina will not waste your money.