The long journey was worth coming to India says Emmy Award-winning choreographer Mia Michaels

Mia Michaels arrived in India on Friday to be part of the season 6 of Dance India Dance show currently airing on Zee TV. She will be seen as an Ace Challenger on the weekend dance reality TV show. During an interaction, the award-winning choreographer said, the long journey was worth coming to India.
At the arrival Mia said, she has never been to the country before but she is excited to finally be part of the culture her.
 “The journey was long I came from New York, but it is worth it. I am so excited to be here. I have never been here in my life and it’s been a dream of mine to come to this country. I have been a big fan of the people, the culture, the dance so this is a dream to be here and to share talent and just be together and inspire each other.”
From screen to stage, Mia has served as the ever-popular judge and contributing choreographer for Fox’s award-winning TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD). She won three Emmy awards for Outstanding Choreography for the television series SYTYD and is known for the choreography of the  Broadway musical FINDING NEVERLAND.
When asked if it is difficult to judge contestants when you train some of them yourselves, she said, “It’s not difficult to judge, it’s about honesty, it’s about tough love and sometimes it’s about pure mama-mia love. I think it’s very important you give them a sense of empowerment and courage to be the best artist and person that they can be and that’s what I am about.”
When asked what it means to be a part of Dance India Dance she said, “I have watched the show couple of times online and the Talent is in an incredible and I am just beyond thrilled to be working with the talent here in India and just inspiring each other.”
Michaels will not only test the contestants’ dancing skills but also conduct training sessions for them.
She added, “I am very honored that you are having me here to just be a part of your country and your culture and spend time with your people.”
Zee TV’s homegrown dance reality show Dance India Dance premiered its sixth season on November 4, the show telecasts every Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm.
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