Thanks to social media, people have reacted to my voice: Anu Malik


was present at the launch of the 90’s show on Big FM 92.7 on Friday. During media interaction, Anu thanked social media for reacting to his voice.

New remix versions of old melodies keep popping up on the internet with new sounds, videos, and music. When asked what he thinks about the same, Anu said, “Remixes are good, they should be made.That’s how the new generation will get to hear the old songs and like them with new music. When I sang for ‘Judwaa 2′ I got 72 million YouTube hits not even as a composure but just as a singer.

My friends Sajid and David said I didn’t even receive so much appreciation for the original. Thanks to social media, people have reacted to my voice. Now that there are so many views it means people do like the song and my voice.”

When asked how the  music has changed since the 90’s, Malik said, “Music is the same but the sound has changed in terms of sound production. But I would like to say one thing, now a day’s people are asking for melody back again and it is a good thing. It feels best to hear when people say that they recall past memories when they listen to our songs. The 90’s show will have a recall value for everyone.  It will remind you of your school and college days.”

Talking about the show titled ’90’s show’, he said, “I was very excited for it because I have lived in the time myself. It is fun to talk about it. When I meet someone they ask me about a song that I created, I think instead of sharing the story with just one person, why not share it with everyone. And in the show, I am more excited to talk about other musicians who have created amazing music. We have had amazing singers in the 1990’s. Undoubtedly, Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik were the best Jodi singers back then.”

90’s show will talk about retro 90’s music and contemporary 2000’s music. It will air on 92.7 Big FM from 8 pm to 10 pm. The show will also include callers segment to interact with the singer, composure.