Smita Patil was far more better actress than me and anybody else says Rekha


Legendary actress Rekha conferred with the first edition of Memorial Award in the memory of Hindi film industry’s one of the finest actresses late. on Saturday in Mumbai. Amruta Subhash, Prateik Babbar, and legendary music composer Anandji Virji Shah were also present at the award function. While addressing the award function, Rekha said that was a far better actress than her and than anybody else.

Addressing the award function and remembering , Rekha said, “I am really glad that today I am receiving award in the name of Smita but I also want to say that you all did a right thing that you decided to give first ever Memorial award to me only because I think only I have the right to receive this award apart from anyone else. This award signifies the excellence of her craft which includes her acting abilities, dancing abilities or her ability to be fearless in front of the camera or in choosing her roles or the way she could just live that moment and a make statement onscreen with her beautiful eyes without saying a single word. I am not saying this because today I won an award for her name because I feel she was way far more finesse and brilliant as an actor and this thing, I realized 30 years ago when I decided to watch all her films and I did watch all her films after that and today I can say that she was far better actress than me and than anybody else.

“She was and will always be my sweet younger sister and today, I am missing her and her parents. I also want to thank Smita’s family for giving away this prestigious award to me. I saw her journey from being a girl in the Hindi film industry but she became a woman in all sorts and every which way”

Advising and praising ’s son Prateik Babbar, Rekha said, “I know you haven’t spent much time with her but you spent a good nine months with her and that’s a lot. Those are very integral, precious, pious, pure and important moments because that was the time when god was actually residing with you in her stomach. You were the purest form of the creator at that point, so all I wanted from you is to remember that time and imbibe every moment you spent with her and if you can do that then there nothing else that matters.  I want to say that everything will be alright and when you are in doubt just call me. If you want wordy sense then I am here but there is no way I can match up with her.”

“She was fellow Libran and I feel she was always part of me and I can feel that connection and bond with her and once I had the great fortune of giving her away awards myself which were fantastic. I think this is actually night devoted to Prateik because he is the living example that she is right here with us. Prateik has impressed me with the word go even before he knew that he could actually act or be in this industry as an actor. He did a great job in his films and I have become his fan from that very moment but I still believe that he deserves a world and more so today, I would like to take the opportunity to say if ever I will become a director for a film then from now only I want to sign Prateik for my film”

Legendary actress Rekha honored with a shawl, a cash prize of 51000/- and a beautiful memento at the award function. Raman Raghav 2.0 actress Amruta Subhash also honored with Memorial special Award for her contribution in the field of cinema.