Shashi Kapoor had beautiful, gracious and dignified vibe about him says Aditi Rao Hydari


Actress launched of new range of ‘Swatch’ a premium watch brand on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Aditi said that had beautiful, gracious and dignified vibe about him.

Legendary Bollywood actor passed away at the age of 79 after a prolonged illness on Tuesday, talking about demise of , Aditi said, “He was such an amazing actor and such a gentleman in true sense of the word. Every time I would go to Prithvi theatre, he would always be there and he would watch all the plays with so much of interest. He had such a beautiful, gracious and dignified about him.”

“I remember meeting him once. The way he used to look at you with so much of kindness and when he used to bless you, you just feel blessed. I think he was one of those fearless actors who backed and was part of very different kind of cinema. He was one of the first few actors who did lot of non-commercial films, backed it and even acted in English and British cinema. I feel he is going to live in our heart forever for sure”

Talking about associating with watch brand ‘Swatch’, Aditi said, “I like ‘Swatch’ as a brand a lot. I am really happy that they picked me to do this because I actually use this brand and I have been using it from the time I was small. My first watch was ‘Swatch’ and I still use ‘Swatch’. I have other watches but I wear ‘Swatch’ a lot and their collection is lot of fun. I feel ‘Swatch’ as a brand is really fun. It’s very playful, quirky, unique and their designs are always unique.”

“They bring almost 250 designs every year so I feel, it’s really amazing in terms of design. I don’t think any watch company has done this before where you can go in and make your own design that is unique to you, what you like and how you want to your watch to look lie so I feel it’s really cool”

next will be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Pamdavati’, where she plays wife of Aaludin Khilji which has been played by Ranveer Singh.