Rohit Shetty finds mafia’s and gangsters as intelligent people


Filmmaker Rohit Shetty attended writer and journalist Jyoti Shelar’s book launch named ‘Bhais of Bengaluru’ along with renowned writer S. Husain Zaidi on Thursday in Mumbai. During a freewheeling chat with two writers, Rohit Shetty stated that he finds mafias and gangsters as intelligent people.

Sharing his thoughts about making a movie or a web series on gangsters and mafia’s, Rohit said, “When I fire my staff, three days later, they tell me that you should do a film on dons and underworld as you will do really good but I do always feel like making a movie or a web series on something like this. It’s quite interesting and intriguing because if you see, at the end of the day, they (gangsters) are the intelligent people. It’s not like they are dumb who is trying to do something. When you read it minutely and see their characteristics, they are pretty much like businessman and they are calculative who are just doing wrong things”

When asked Rohit whether he has any plans to make a movie or web series on the subject of the underworld, Rohit said, “Definitely..”

When asked Rohit among mafia and gangster who he thinks as an interesting character, to that, Shetty jokingly said, “It’s a very tricky question. I have to see how many of them know me or they can find my number and if I interested in making a film on them then, they will call me saying ‘ok.. we will fund it and you make it’ but then my life will go for a toss. I am sure they won’t be offended, they will be quite thrilled about it but I will land in trouble because people know that I make films like ‘Singham’ so I can’t do this. I will get firing from both the sides”

When asked Rohit whether he has thought of turning into acting like most of his contemporary filmmakers are doing, Rohit said, “No.. I am happy directing and I am happy doing television and I am a very bad actor, I believe”

Talking about the beauty of a reading book, Rohit said, “Me and Hussain sir go long way because we met a lot of times and I am a fan of his work. I had the privilege to read the book. When you read this book as now, we are all into Netflix and Amazon and I feel that’s the beauty of a book because when you see a film, you are watching a vision of a director, what the director is trying to tell you or the actors enacting it which moves the story forward. Whereas, when you read a book, you become the director so it’s so interesting when you read the book, it will be like you are watching a series on Netflix. Everybody will have their own point of view”

Talking about mindsets of mafia’s and gangsters, Rohit said, ““If gangsters will read this book, one thing will happen in Mumbai is all remaining bhai’s (Gangsters) who has left Mumbai underworld, they will be in an ego. When you will read the book, you will realize, they have turned into white collars and they are still there in Bengaluru. Some are running newspapers, some have become hoteliers and some have become producers, I believe and they are living happily so they are that smart. It’s an amazing book and if you have read other books of Husain Bhai, you will realize birth or basis of any gangster irrespective of any geographic is similar. Either it is because of politics, revenge or need of money. Mumbai also had wrestlers, there also you will see wrestlers who turned into henchman and then turned into don, power games, politics, fight for religion and fight for language are some of these reasons. When I read this book for me it’s like I have seen ten episodes on Netflix on ‘Bhais of Bengaluru’ for free. It’s that well written so I am really proud of Jyoti.”

After the super success of ‘Golmaal Again’, Rohit Shetty is gearing up for his next release ‘Simmba’ along with Ranveer Singh which will be produced by Karan Johar.