Rochelle Rao – The Kapil Sharma Show Will Be Back


Engaged and Pretty much in love, one of the television’s most adorable couples — Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao, were spotted at the Red Carpet premiere of Star Wars.
During the media interaction, Rochelle Rao, who did a little stint on famous ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ will be back on air soon.
“I am sure everybody would love to have ‘The Kapil Sharma show’ back and it was really a fun show to be a part of and Kapil’s movie has done well, so congratulations to him. I think comedy is something you can never stop, so definitely it will come back some way or another, but we will have to wait and see how” said Rochelle Rao at the premiere.
Talking about Star Wars franchise, Rochelle quipped that she is childhood fans of the movies and can’t wait to see “Luke the Skywalker”.
“Excitement level for Star-Wars has been there since childhood. You know, we are always excited. We watch the trailer like 500 times. I love the characters, they have kept the story back to the original and you finally get to find out what’s going to be the end of Luke the Skywalker” added Rochelle.
Keith Sequeira also shared the excitement for the movie and hoped that this is not the final part.
“Star Wars never ends; this is not the last part. Star Wars was always there, is there and will always be there….I hope this isn’t somehow the last part because it’s the conventional movie that’s going to be always real. Good versus Evil, this is the oldest story” added Keith.