RJ Malishka – I didn’t Pay Any 500 Cr Fine!


Malishka Mendonsa popularly known as was spotted at Second Edition of Reebok helmed Fit To Fight Awards Night to felicitate women across industries here in Mumbai. During her media interaction, RJ confirmed that she didn’t pay any 500 Crore fine to anyone.
released a video little while ago on social media against the corporation in Mumbai. The video went viral and attracted a lot of heat and a defamation case worth of 500 Crore.
“I raised my voice against something each of us faces every day when we get out of our houses but unfortunately it became a political issue. The great part was that the people were with me, and because of that other people backed down. And I just want to tell everyone, there was no fine. The thing about 500 crores fine, it was true for a little while but nothing like that ever happened” said .
Once the video went viral, the Yuva Sena members and corporators Sadanand Sarvankar and Amey Ghole, in a joint letter to the BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, demanded that a Rs 500 crore defamation suit be filed against the channel.
didn’t pay any fine but won the Reebok “Fit To Fight” award and calls it a vindication.
“The award that I am getting is for a particular reason, it because of a video that went viral and because of which authorities got very upset. But the people of the country, perhaps other countries as well, where they have problems related to it. So this is a vindication, this award, that whatever I did was correct and people are with me” added .
Further adding to point, Malishka expressed that she is really very proud of the video as it is her aim, to tell the truth, while entertaining people.
“I have always believed in being an entertainer. Recently I worked in a movie, Tumhari Sulu, I am doing a show on television called Entertainment Ki Raat, and I am doing my radio show. But my idea was always to entertain and my idea is always to tell the truth while entertaining. I am very proud of what I did and I am glad that I am getting this award” added RJ Malhishka.