Prem Chopra is an Exceptional Human Being – Sharman Joshi


Actor was spotted at the 60 years in film industry celebration for veteran Actor here in Mumbai. During his media interaction, Sharman expresses that the senior actor is an exceptional human being.
“He is an exceptional professional and an exceptional human being. I am really fortunate to know him at such a personal level, I’ve spent many evenings with him and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some wonderful anecdotes. I’ve been able to watch him closely as a human being and learn so much and inspire myself, in fact. I have tried to imbibe and live a life that he has lived, one of complete discipline, hard work, perseverance, and determination. I am very proud of him” said .
Further, expressed his desire to do ’s role from super hit “Do Anjaane”, which released in 1976.
“I would like to play his role in Do Anjane. It was such a remarkable film and his character was amazing. I think got many awards for that film and that is the film, I would like to do” said Sharman.
Celebrities like Jeetendra, Rakesh Roshan, with his wife Prerana Chopra, Indra Kumar, Harish Kumar, Mukesh Rishi and many more graced the party.
Veteran actor and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan also praised the actor. He said, “It is such a huge achievement for . And for all of us, an example, he has been in the industry so such a long time and still working. He is such a lovely man, just like his name. We are really good friends. I wish him a long run ahead”
Actor Mukesh Rishi also spoke eloquently about the senior actor and stated that he is a huge fan of .
“I am quite happy and I am a huge fan of . The first movie I saw of him was Shaheed, and I have seen his films ever since. And of course, we all remember Bobby and his iconic dialogue. Then I got a chance to work with him. I am extremely happy that he completed 60 years in the industry today. I would like to add one thing, he is a great actor, there is no denying it, but he is remarkable human being. I have not heard a single bad thing about him in industry” said Mukesh.
A career pan covers some 320 odd films in different languages. His 19 films with him as an antagonist and Rajesh Khanna in the lead role remain popular with audiences and critics.