Pets makes you a better human being says Dino Morea


Actor Dino Morea attended India’s Biggest Pet Festival 2017 on Saturday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Dino said that pet makes you better human being.

Talking about his fondness for pets, Dino said, “I have two dogs. I also love cats but dogs are my favorite. They show us, unconditional love. I love pets because you feel stress-free and relaxed around them whenever you are in tension or not in tension. When you come to your home after all days work a pet can make you relax so I feel pets make you a nicer person actually. They take care you. You don’t know it, you don’t realize but they make a you better human being. “

Talking about India’s biggest pet festival, Dino said, “It’s really fantastic idea because most people in Mumbai have pets in their house and they don’t have enough places to take their pets for a walk so if we continue to organize such festival where they can have some fun then it’s really nice thing for them as well so I am really happy and excited to be here because I really like pets including cats and dogs. I also have two dogs at my home, so it feels nice to be here. Usually, we organize carnivals for us where we enjoy our self but this is the first time they have organized a beautiful carnival for our pets so I think it’s going to be fun day”

Talking about the domestication of pets, Dion said, “Today, there is lots of domestication is taking place not just of dogs and cats but also of pigs, cows so you can have any kind of pet. It’s about how you domesticate them and show them your love”

Reacting to Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding, Dino said, “I would like to wish them all the very best. I think they are the fantastic couple and good luck to them.”

When asked about his projects, Dino said, “I am not going reveal that at this moment. I will announce that in 2018”

Dino Morea has last seen in Malayalam and Tamil movie ‘Solo’ which released in 2017.