Now if anyone will ignore web platform then he will regret a lot later on says Tisca Chopra


Actress Tisca Chopra hosted a special screening of her recent short film ‘Chhuri ‘on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Tisca said that now if anyone will regret web platform will regret a lot later as it most consumed and viewed medium today.

Talking about growing popularity of digital platforms, Tisca said, “I feel if anyone will ignore web platform in today’s time then he will later regret a lot because most of today’s generation is mostly seen on their smartphones. All kind of consumption of content is being consumed through smartphones including feature films so I don’t think particular platform matters at this stage.”

“Now audience are consuming two kinds of content first is microcontent means 10-15 minutes duration short film and another is binge-watching where people see entire season of a particular web series so both these kind of contents are doing very well and of course I feel till the last time, we will continue watching films and cricket s both these are love of our country”

Talking about her recent short film, ‘Chhuri’, Tisca said, “It’s a 12-minute short film. Our last film ‘Chutney’ has become world’s number one short film so now I have really huge expectations from with ‘Chhuri’. Luckily, we have a fantastic cast. We have Anurag Kashyap, Surveen Chawla and I am also acting the film so, I am very excited about the film.”

Talking about her character in ‘Chhuri’ and plot of the film which revolves around the extra-marital affair, Tisca said, “I am playing the very simple housewife in this film. She looks simple but I don’t whether she is that simple or not. It is fact that we have extra-marital affairs in our society and we as filmmaker always try to represent a reflection of the society in an entertaining manner.”

When asked Tisca whether it’s the appropriate thing to show extra-marital affair onscreen for the audience as women take this issue seriously, Tisca said, “I think both genders take it seriously or non-seriously. I don’t think it’s a man or woman issue. I don’t think extra-marital affairs are taken easily by anybody. We should ask someone who are going through it”

Talking about her future projects, Tisca said, “In January, I am starting a film called ‘Screw Driver’ and in February, I am doing another film  and I am writing a feature film called ‘Delhiwaley Bhatia’s’  which we start producing in 2018 and I am also producing a web series”

‘Chhuri’ is directed by Manasi Jain and it stars Anurag Kashyap, Surveen Chawla and Tisca Chopra in lead roles.