Manoj Bajpayee thinks acting is one of most difficult profession of the world


attended IIT Mumbai’s annual cultural festival ‘Mood Indigo’ along with his upcoming film’s director Neeraj Pandey on Saturday in Mumbai. During the panel discussion, Bajpayee stated that acting is one of the most difficult professions of the world.

Talking about acting as a profession, Bajpayee said, “When I started acting, I didn’t inform my parents that I am doing theatre because I had fear in my mind that my family will disown me. My parents used to say me that if you will become IAS or IPS then, you will have some money for yourself and today also, I feel that aspiring actors don’t get that kind of encouragement from society or family but it is one the most exciting profession to have. It’s the most difficult world and most difficult profession in the world. Surviving in this industry is not an easy task and I feel you should have to have very thick skin to survive in this industry”

Manoj Bajpayee has earlier worked with Neeraj Pandey in ‘Special 26’ and now they are coming up with espionage thriller ‘’ so talking about working with Neeraj Pandey in his movies, Bajpayee said, “It’s always quite  humbling for any actor to work with good director like Neeraj Pandey, when he cast you and he has faith in you. We are more than just director and actor now, we collaborate in a very lyrical way also. He gives me so much respect by sending any of his scripts to me for my opinion so we have formed a different kind of relationship now. It’s a relationship of two friends where none of us is expecting anything from each other. We are always looking forward to sharing our ideas and experiences which is I feel is great relationship to have”

Since Manoj was attending a panel discussion at country’s most prestigious educational institute so when asked Manoj, what kind dating tips he would like to give all boys present there, Manoj said, “See  … I can give them a tip about how to deal with rejection when a girl will reject. I feel we should say to girls in our hear that ‘Karara Jawab Milega’ (Manoj’s famous dialogue from Rajneeti film). I feel people are asking the wrong question to us because I and Neeraj is the wrong person to give them a solution for that”

Talking about Nationalism, e because that’s what Manoj’s latest film ‘’ deals with, Manoj said, “I think I relate more with term patriotism because like everyone else, I love my country. I am very proud of the fact that I am born here in a country which is so diverse. Whenever I visit the various state of our country then, I feel that I am surrounded by my own bunch of people despite the fact that we are culturally so different from each other, I feel that’s the beautiful part of this country. Whenever I visit these states, I make sure that I will eat their traditional food in their homes because food is one such aspect from which you get to know culture of that region that’s why I feel food is the best way to know the person and the country”

Talking about much-debated term feminism, Bajpayee said, “Whenever I hear the word ‘ism’, I start to feel anxious because I have seen in my house since my childhood that my father did whatever my mother told him to do. My mother is now 70 years of age but till now, she is decision maker in my house so when I came to these big cities, I started to hearing debates about female empowerment and all then, I used to feel very awkward about it because I always used to feel that women are superior from what I have seen in my house so I don’t feel necessary to debate about this kind of issue. I have experienced it and now my wife does it, I also have a daughter so you all can get idea about environment in my house when it comes to respecting a woman but having said that I feel forget about equalizing between men and women, I feel all of us should be equal irrespective of caste, gender, and religion”

Talking about much-debated term nepotism in the film industry, Bajpayee said, “Earlier, when I used to do theatre, at that time, all of us were very clear that we have to be very skillful. We have to really work hard to train our self, to compete in cut-throat industry of Mumbai and that gave is a tremendous amount of confidence to showcase our talent if we get an opportunity but for that, I feel you really need to train yourself. Who has said that this world is fair? I feel the world is not fair but you have to judge yourself fairly on the basis of your work, on the basis of the craft and skill. You can make the head turned toward yourself if you really work hard and believe in yourself and that’s pretty much I think when it comes to tackling issue of nepotism”

Bajpayee’s upcoming film ‘’ also stars , , , and in lead roles.

It is being produced by Motion Picture Capital and directed by Neeraj Pandey, the film is scheduled to release on January 26, 2018.