Kriti Sanon would like to do film based on Children’s subject


Actress attended Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2017 on Friday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Kriti said she would like to do a film based on children’s subject.

Usually, Hindi film industry makes very less film each year on the subject which is related to children unlike Hollywood, so when asked Kriti whether should would like to work in a film which is based on the subject of children, she said, “In fact, if a good script comes my way which is based on the subject of children then I would definitely do it. I feel children are purest form of human beings and they just simply love you and they don’t judge you. They are so innocent and naïve. I think the films that have been on them are really beautiful, so if a good script comes my way then why not?”

When asked Kriti whether she still feels kid at heart, Kriti said, “Yeah… I still feel like there is child inside my personality. In fact, I have seen lot of kid’s games here which we used to play in our childhood and I still play Ludo. I think it’s so much fun. I think Ludo is one such game no matter how much you grow old you can never get bored of it so I still play that and I feel we should all should have that energy and spirit of kids inside us. We should act like kids sometimes like demanding things or not feeling of doing certain things”

When asked Kriti what’s her favorite cartoon character, she said, “When I was growing up that time I used to watch ‘Tom and Jerry’. I think they were my favorite. ‘Tom and Jerry’ is something that is watched today also.”

Talking about upcoming film awards season in which Kriti has been nominated in best actress categories, Kriti said, “Fortunately, I have been nominated so that’s a very good thing but I think there has been really great performances in this year . I loved Sridevi mam’s ‘Mom’. I think she was brilliant and yeah she is one performer I think who always does well and hat’s off to her for that”

will next be seen sharing screen space with actor Diljit Dosanjh in the upcoming film ‘Arjun Patiala’. ‘Arjun Patiala’ is being produced by Dinesh Vijan and this will be the first time that Diljit and Kriti will be working together. The shooting of the film will start in February 2018.