It is my Body, I didn’t do anything wrong – Esha Gupta


Actress broke the internet by posting hot pictures from a photo-shoot on social media. Though fans appreciated the actress, but it also caused quite a controversy and the actress was trolled online.
Now, actress quips that she is proud of what she did and mentality of people looking at with bad intention needs to mend their ways.
“Stand for your own ground, you stand for yourself and I didn’t think I did anything wrong for the shoot that I did. It is my body. I know a lot of people that were slut-shaming and a lot of beautiful comment also, but there was this comment, ‘short skirt asked the burkha, is it me? And the burkha replied, no it even happened to me’, so it is not about what we wear, or what we project, it is about the mentality of the person looking at it” said about her provocative photo shoot.
also took a snide jibe at media and Bollywood in general, for having fights and issues on every little thing.
“In Bollywood, there is fight about everything, if I end up saying something wrong in this interview, there will be a fight or I will say something else but the headlines will be something else, then again fight, there is fight and fight in Bollywood” added .
Draped in Red Designer dress, graced the red-carpet of Reebok, “Fit To Fight” award night and expressed that it is “women’s time” now.
“Best part about tonight is that it is all about women. I think we’ve been fighting for our rights and right for equality for the longest time and now this is our time and I’d always say, women should all get together. And I am glad that men are also celebrating women because it is all about womanhood and if we weren’t here the universe won’t progress, the world won’t go on” added Esha.
Last was seen in Baadshao and Commando 2.