I would love to do film on Indian soldiers life says Madhur Bhandarkar


Film personalities Hema Malini and Madhur Bhandarkar attended launch of One for All – All For One – A Tribute To The Indian Soldiers initiative on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Madhur said that he would like o do film on Indian soldiers life.

Artharva Foundation will be honoring Indian soldiers for their contribution for the country on 31st January, 2018 , where stories of different soldiers will be presented on that day, so when asked Madhur Bhandarkar whether he would like to make film out of those stories, Bhandarkar said, “I feel the idea is superb. It deals with heart wrenching subject but definitely, I feel tomorrow to make film on that then I will definitely make it but it has to be a big canvas film. It has to have that kind of infrastructure to it. I heard four stories of these soldiers and each of them is beautiful so I would love to make film based on one of those stories”

Talking about Atharva Foundation’s initiative, Bhandarkar said, “I think it’s really nice initiative so I feel more people in future will connect with it. It is just a beginning. Today Hema Ji and I have come here to support them and I feel people from different walks of life should be there to support this cause”

Talking about Atharva Fondation’s initiative to honor Indian soldiers, Hema Malini said, “Atharva Foundation’s chairman Sunil Rane has taken big initiative to honor soldiers of our country who work relentlessly on the line of border. We are presenting stories of martyr soldiers to give tribute to their life and we will be honoring their families as well. This is first of its initiative and it’s a commendable effort from Atharva Foundation so our entire industry will be part of this programme”

“If you see when Maharashtra Police orgainse their programme, in that, entire film fraternity participates because they provide security to us so we have to be part of them so now Athrarva Foundation is honoring soldiers so we will always with them”

When asked Hema Malini whether she will be visiting Soldiers at the border, she said, “We are organizing this event on 31st January 2018 at NSCI Dome where we will showcase stories of soldiers but before that we are planning to meet soldiers at Sikkim border because I feel going and meeting them itself is very big thing. We can give some encouraging talk to them and maybe we can meet their families as well to tell them we have met your family member on border so it will be really nice experience”

When asked Hema Malini, what’s the secret of her beauty, she jokingly said, “You have to keep becoming grandmother again and again then your beauty will enhance”

Hema Malini also added that PM Modi led government has worked for the pension of army people.