I would like to write non-fiction at some point of time says Sonali Bendre


Actress launched writer Ashwin Sanghi’s book named ‘Keepers of the Kalachakra’ on Saturday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Sonali said that she would like to write non-fiction book at some point of time.

’s online book club is gradually becoming one of the most popular forums to discuss literature and reading trends. The actress turned best-selling writer of ‘The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments With Parenting’ so when asked Sonali whether she has any plans to write in future as well, she said, “Not on fiction definitely, non-fiction at some point. yes. I feel everybody has one book in them so that has come out so now let’s see when the second one comes out from my side”

Praising Sonali’s Bendre’s writing abilities, Ashwin Sanghi said, “The first one was Modern Gurukul, which according to me is one of the difficult subjects to actually write about so the mere fact that she actually did that book, I respect her a lot because it’s most sensitive topic like how to bring up your kids”

Talking about Ashwin Sanghi’s Keepers of the Kalachakra, Sonali said, “Today, it was a fangirl moment for me because I earlier read and loved his books. I am very excited as his next book is coming out named ‘Keepers of the Kalchakra’ and to know what the story is about and I am happy that Ashwin gave me opportunity to launch his book”

When asked Sonali what interests her most when it comes to reading, she said, “I read every kind of book.  I love reading mythology and science fiction, fantasy fiction so I have always fond of reading. It just depends on what I feel at that time. Where Ashwin’s books are concerned the kind of mixes everything. There is kind of mythology, Philosophy, and theology. I mean just say it and there is everything. It’s like a lesson of life in a very entertaining and thrilling way. It’s like a crime thriller. You can’t define his books. There is whole lot of like literally nail-biting finish happening so you can’t ask for more I feel”

Talking about Sonali’s Book Club growing strong, says Sonali, “The book club has been just grew organically. When authors reach out to it, it’s very encouraging.”