I would like to write book based on chilling tales about life in the movie industry or a political satire says Saif Ali Khan


Actress Soha Ali Khan launched her first book ‘The perils of being moderately famous’ on Tuesday in Mumbai. On an extremely rare occasion, Khan clan gather together on a podium including Sharmila Tagore, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Saba Ali Khan and Soha’s husband Kunal Khemu at her book launch.

During freewheeling chat, Saif Ali Khan said that if he would ever write a book it would be based on chilling tales about life in movie industry or a political satire.

Saif Ali khan is known as one of the most well read actor in Hindi film industry and his love for books is unparallel, so when asked Saif which kind of book he wants write if he plans to write a book, he said, “I would like to write ghost stories (laughs) I mean chilling tales about life in the movie industry or a political satire or a comedy so, comedy, horror or a political satire.. I am not sure of that but my mother once did want to write a book on me and the title was going to be ‘Oh Saif’ (laughs)”

Talking about Soha Ali Khan’s book, ‘The Perils of Being Moderately Famous’, Saif said, “I would like to congratulate Soha on this great occasion. She has done really well in this thing. I had the pleasure of reading some of the early proofs of book. I thought they were hysterical, really funny, well written with great sense of humor so I am very excited about this and I feel it’s going to be very good read.”

Sharing funny anecdotes about Soha Ali Khan’s early days when she was living with Saif Ali Khan in United Kingdom, Saif said, and “Sohabia (Soha) went to two wonderful universities. She went to Oxford and London School of Economics. After that, she was working with ‘citibank’ and all settled with that, then, she came to stay with me for a summer and quit her job and joined movies. I am not sure how my parents felt about that but she of course had her mother genes as well and was drawn to this profession”

“There was time when she was very sweet, quite and polite that she is even now and she is source of strength for us. I am very happy that she lives in a same city as I do. She had gone out to dinner once. It was before she came over here. It was kind of date. He was really wealthy guy and a big industrialist. He was talking to Soha and that time, Soha was really bored. During that moment, her friend messaged her and asked how it is going and she replied that he is really boring but she sent that message to the guy she is having dinner with so now this is Soha for all of you, she didn’t skipped a beat, she said to the guy that can I borrow your phone please? So she takes it, deletes it, gives it back to him and then carries on, so I have known her for long time. I am very happy that she is on my side”

During book launch, apart from Saif Ali Khan,  Kunal Khemu, Saba Ali Khan, Sharmila Tagore and Kareena Kapoor shared interesting anecdotes about Soha Ali Khan right from her childhood, her college days and till her motherhood phase.