I want to make such a huge film which my mother and father will be able to watch from heaven says shah Rukh Khan


Superstar Shah Rukh Khan attended 63rd Jio Filmfare Awards 2018 Press Conference on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Shah Rukh said that he wants to make a huge film in his lifetime which his mother and father will able to see from Heaven.

Shah Rukh, unfortunately, lost his mother and father before he entered into films industry, therefore, he always miss his parents as they are not able to witness his glorious career as an actor. When asked Shah Rukh whether he remembers the feeling when he received his first Filmfare award, he said, “When I received my first Filmfare award that was really emotional moment for me and that we have used in my movie ‘Fan’ where I have always said that my biggest attempt to be an actor even when I fail with the films that I fail and I have failed as often or more than I have succeeded but I always attempt to make films which will be so huge and not on the canvas but by feeling and emotions. I want to make film which my mother and father will be able to watch from heaven so when I got the award, I wanted to thank my mom but I did feel true that night my mother and father saw me get a Filmfare award so, for me, it’s very emotional moment  for me”

When asked Shah Rukh whether he and Filmfare are making an effort to organize Filmfare awards at the international platform as Bollywood enjoys tremendous fan following in foreign countries as well, Shah Rukh said, “ I think we have had lot of discussions over the years that we should try and take Filmfare awards to overseas to South Africa and several other places because honestly, I think there is huge amount of audiences waiting all over the world which is very kind to Hindi films, Bollywood films, and Indian films so yeah, if we will get opportunity then certainly we will look forward to host Filmfare awards on international platforms as well”

Shah Rukh Khan was asked when fans can expect the first look at his upcoming film with director Anand L Rai. While talking about the film he said, “The thing I am very proud of the film is that it is the most advanced visual effects film made in the world, not just India. I am not saying this because my company is doing it, but it is the truth. And that is why it is taking a little longer than we thought.

We prepared the film for 2 years, but we are giving the best shot possible. Such films are not always made. Obviously, because it is visually heavy, so it takes a lot of time and a lot of money is also being spent. We want to be very exact about everything.” He added.

Shah Rukh who is known as the romance king said he is nervous about playing a special character. “This is a very difficult film, so for the first imagery, so we want everything to be perfect. Since someone like me who is known for romantic roles, is playing a vertically challenged man, there will be if’s and but’s about if it will be accepted or not. We are a little nervous and a little ready.”

Confirming the film’s status, the ‘Harry Met Sejal’ star said, “We want to put are the best foot forward. The film’s title is ready, the tagline is ready, and the first image is also ready. I have seen it and it is looking quite nice. I think for a few days we just want to give it finishing touches. Anand Sir is very anxious to release it, but the team has been saying, ‘since it is first to look of a very special film let’s not get anyone upset’. It is a very special film for me as a character too.”

Shah Rukh was asked he will be part of ‘Rakesh Sharma’s’ biopic, he said, “I haven’t signed any new film yet. I really want to live with this dwarf (Anand L Rai’s) film. In a couple of months, I will take a call on what films I will be doing. I have been meeting Siddharth, Ronak and some directors and producers but right now I haven’t confirmed any film. If I confirm some film I will start thinking about it and trying to get involved in its process. So, I just want to be free of everything, at least until Feb. By then hopefully, we will be able to finish Anand sir’s film.”

Khan was asked who is his favorite host for award functions or Tv shows, he said, “Honestly, there is nobody better than me. (laughs). I not trying to be pompous, I honestly think I am very good. I am impromptu, I dance well, I act well. No, I am not demeaning anyone, all the people who host shows are great. I only host Filmfare awards, but seriously I really think I am the best.”

While asked if he wants to send a birthday wish to his friend and colleague Salman who is turning 51 on Wednesday, Shah Rukh replied singing: “Tum jio hazaaron saal I… wish him all the best. I won’t be able to meet him tomorrow because my children are here and I want to spend time with them. But we will celebrate when he comes back. We can celebrate Salman Khan’s birthday month long!”

Shah Rukh’s untitled film directed by Anand L Rai is co-produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Colour Yellow Productions.

The film will see many cameo appearances, but the pivotal roles will be presented by Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, and Tigmanshu Dhulia.

The film is slated to release in Dec 2018.