Fukrey Returns Movie Review: Bholi Punjaban’s revenge


No one predicted that that Fukrey was one of the top film of 2013 before the release. But, Film did good on box office and now people have expecting the same results from .

got released today and this time also we have the same star cast, Pulkit Samrat, , , , , , and Pankaj Tripathi in the film. This time all the actors will been doing double fun and Bholi Punjaban will take her revenge from all.

If you have not seen the first part then don’t worry, film got started with a small recap of the first part and narrated well in short what happened with all in past. Honey(Pulkit emperor), Chucha (), Lalli () and Zafar () are living their lives very comfortably. Honey breaks down the dream’s codes and makes a lottery number and wins it. In the meantime Bholi Punjaban () gets released from prison prematurely. From there the revenge story got started. Meanwhile,Chucha has a dream of treasure and then all of them started search of treasure.

Story narration was good and out of all , Pankaj Tripathi and ’s characters seems interesting this time. Even Pankaj Tripathi did fabulous job, his presence on screen will make feel you more fun.

However, Story doesn’t seems realistic and First half of the story was very slow and climax was also so simple, It can be more effective.

Budget of the film was 30 Crore including production and promotion. Last Week no film make good on Box Office and Surely will get a benefit out of this.