Film franchise has more capacity to achieve success says Mahesh Bhatt


Filmmaker and writer attended launch of Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta’s novel ‘Introspection’ along with Dino Morea on Monday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Bhatt stated film franchise has more capacity to achieve success.

Talking about trend of remaking films, Bhatt said, “We have made remakes under our production house. When you ask why this happens it’s because we have to run our Dukan (shop or business). Franchise has more capacity to achieve success but at the same time, it involves ten times risk because very often about remakes, it has been said that it is not even at par with original film”

When asked Bhatt whether he is planning to write autobiography, he said, “Whatever work I did in my life was inspired from my personal life. I made movies based on my life. I feel first you have to write it then films are being made. Definitely I would like to reveal truth about my life in a book form. I have been working with writer Sunita who has been intensely involved in that process to present my life journey in a book form”

Talking about genre of books he loves to read, Bhatt said, “I read fiction very less but I like to read to memoirs and current affairs books as it gives behind the scene knowledge of that particular field from specialist perspective.”

Talking about encouraging young writers, Bhatt said, “Today it’s the opportunity to support young writer’s effort because only a writer can understand how difficult it is to write especially in times when you do messaging on WhatsApp and don’t use pen and paper so I feel whenever you find a person around you who has the ability to tell a story then you should support him/her so today I have come here to support her.”

When asked who is his favorite writer, Bhatt said, “I don’t have one particular favorite writer. There are different kinds of writer in the world and from their view point, I have experienced different shades of life so I feel it will injustice to take name of one writer in the field of writing”

Talking about different kinds of bias in the society, Bhatt said, “The biases are reality and that’s what writers deal with within themselves and also outside. They try to deconstruct them, battle with them and create fictional endings which perhaps are difficult to create in day to day life  so as they say ‘a writer is a fairer god’ what is not possible in real life  , a writers achieves it in his own universe”

When asked whether he will make film on Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta’s novel, ‘Introspection’, Bhatt said, “I haven’t even read the novel. I find the idea in the novel very engaging but every book that we read, we do not look at it through the prism of converting it into a film. As I said, I have come here to applaud a young talent because I think it is very difficult in this age and time especially in this attention deficit era where people do not have time to concentrate to have young writer pullout a story after doing a job which is from a different field of being an engineer so it’s an extra-ordinary achievement and I have come here to applaud it”

denied speaking about his upcoming film ‘Sadak 2’ which is remake of his own film ‘Sadak’ starring Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt which released in 1991.