Farha Khan calls Kapil Sharma Manner Less. Look At What Kapil Has To Say About This


tweet about calling someone manner less from the industry, for not having the courtesy of dropping a personal text or call for the premiere has left everyone to a guess that it’s .

People generally say that friendship in the film industry is fragile, meaning in one incident you might turn out to be someone best friend

or enemy or will be nothing more than an acquaintance. And it’s believed that something similar has turned out to happen with , who has turned out to be really upset by the gesture of a friend.

A few days back this choreographer turned director used twitter and wrote: “Dear Manner less people, if u want me 2 attend ur premier/preview/party DONT send me a “janta invite” on WhatsApp! U r not doing me a favour! The least u can do is make a personal call. If u can’t find the time for it what makes u think i have time 2 get ready n cm for you??!”

Farha dropped this tweet in the week when second film was going to be released. Since then the rumors began to increase, that Farha is very furious about his behavior and mannerless people was nobody turned but a comedian actor.

The two are believed to be known for marking a good relationship, and both have marked their presence many numbers of times for each other’s show. In fact the comedian-actor even remembers how Farha had got the Happy New Year Team shot for continues six hours. However, it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse.

When came to know about the entire incident, he was a bit shocked about it. In one of the interviews with sky bollywood, he said that “We had a show on Thursday. In whatever way I thought correct I had invited all my friends from the film industry. It was mostly attended by cast crew and our friends and family. I hope my big powerful friends in the film industry will see the film later.” One of the sources who is close to him also felt the same and said, since the comedian is experiencing a low phase of his career, he has become an easy target.

Meanwhile, it is also believed that his latest release , has not turned to impress a large number of audiences like his first film Kis Kis Ko Pyar Kaaru.

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