Every Father Should Have a Daughter – Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor is married to Mira Rajput and couple is blessed with a daughter, Misha, and “Rangoon” star believes that every man should wish for a daughter.
“I am thankful and grateful that I have a daughter, Misha, in my life. Everyman should wish for a daughter, what a daughter can do for a father, I don’t think anybody else can do it” added Shahid.
Actor Shahid Kapoor was spotted at Reebok India helmed the second edition of the   Fit To Fight Awards to felicitate women across industries here in Mumbai.
Shahid Kapoor also spoke about the fact that most important people in his life have been women’s.
“I believe women have always been empowered. The most important people in my life have been women, I was born and brought by a single mother, and my mom was the strongest person I knew. In fact I never ever felt as a kid that there was any difference between men and women, they were strong people and there were not strong people, and my mother was definitely very strong” said Shahid Kapoor praising her mother Neelima Azeem.
Recently Kangana Ranaut came out in support of controversy stuck Padmavati, which stars Shahid Kapoor and actor is all too thankful to her and the entire fraternity for the support.
“I am very thankful to everyone, who has spoken about Padmavati and very grateful to everybody who has come out and expressed their concerns, there are a lot of people from the fraternity who has spoken for the film. At such times when you feel little vulnerable and emotional because everybody has put some much work into the film, you feel very grateful that people are supporting you. So I am thankful to Kangana Ranaut and everybody else who has spoken for the movie” said Shahid Kapoor.
Shahid Kapoor has already signed his next movie with Shree Narayan Singh, titled Batti Gul Meter Chalu.