Dharma Prodctions will collaborate in an another film with Sonakshi Sinha after success of Ittefaq says Karan Johar


Producer and director Karan Johar attended FILMFARE Glamour & Style Awards 2017 along with Sonakshi Sinha on Friday in Mumbai. During media interaction,  Karan revealed that after the success of Sonakshi Sinha and Karan Johar’s last film ‘Ittefaq’, they will collaborate in another film.

Sonakshi Sinha last seen in Abhay Chopra’s suspense crime thriller ‘Ittefaq’ which was produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, talking about film’s success and another project with Sonakshi, Karan said, “I am very happy that I worked with Sonakshi and it wasn’t any kind of ittefaq (Coincidence) and that film did well that also wasn’t ittefaq so now, we are doing another film together and the name and details about the film, we will announce within two weeks”

When asked Karan whether he is hosting FILMFARE Glamour & Style Awards 2017, he said, “I am not hosting tonight because I feel others should also get an opportunity”

Karan Johar also producing Ayan Mukherji’s’ Brahmastra’ which will be trio-logy (three-part series), talking about ‘Brahmastra’, Karan said, “Brahmastra is in prep mode. Ranbir (Kapoor), Alia (Bhatt) and Mr. Bachchan are working in the film. Films’ shoot will begin in February-March next year hopefully, it will release next year as well. Hopefully, after every two years, we will come up with new part of ‘Brahmastra’”

Sonakshi talked about death threats which are issued by fringe elements to Padmavati’s lead actress Deepika Padukone, she said, “I feel whatever is happening is not right. It shouldn’t happen. If in our country, people will start giving death threats openly then I don’t think its correct and I feel strict action should be taken against it”

Sonakshi Sinha and Karan Johar’s last film ‘Ittefaq’ also starred Akshaye Khanna and Sidharth Malhotra in lead roles.

‘Ittefaq’ collected around 50.51 crores against the budget of 20 crores.