Despite not being able to deliver hit for long time, the love from my audience has been unmatched and unparalleled says Govinda on his birthday


Actor Govinda turned 55 on Thursday so he celebrated his birthday along with media in Mumbai. During media interaction, Govinda said, despite not being able to deliver super hit film from longtime love from the audience has remained unmatched and unparalleled.

Talking about how the audience has praised him thought out his career Govinda said, “The kind of calls and messages I received on this birthday, I don’t think I have got so much of love from my followers on my birthday earlier also. There has been a long time since I delivered a super hit film but then also love from my audience has remained unmatched and unparalleled. As an actor, I haven’t labeled as flop actor so, I feel blessing of my parents also worked me in my favor

Thanking his media, parents and his followers, Govinda said, “I want to thank god for giving me an opportunity to work in film industry. My parents have blessed me throughout my journey and along with that, I received an immense amount of love and support from my followers and well-wishers. Media also supported me in my career so I am very grateful for that as well.

“I have been working hard and I will continue working hard. I hope audience will continue to watch my films earlier as they used to do and I want to make my audience happy and that has been my goal throughout my career and I will continue to work in that direction”

Talking about the year 2017 as an actor in the film industry, Govinda said, “I feel I did a lot of hard work in 2017 and from the time I left politics in 2014, my entire focus has been into films. In 2014, my two films got released and this year, My home production’s film got released and the title of film is ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ so now I think after that I started signing films so I hope coming few years will be eventful and I hope audience will get entertained watching my films”

Govinda last has seen in ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ which released in 2017.