Character of Bulbul is unlike me and that was challenging part for me says Divya Khosla Kumar


Actress and filmmaker attended ‘Talaash’ – Jai Hind’s college BMS initiative to screen her upcoming short film ‘Bulbul’ on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Divya said that character of Bulbul is unlike her and that was challenge for her to play that character.

Divya is playing titular role of Bulbul in her short film ‘Bulbul’, when asked her what prompted her to work in this film, Divya said, “As a creative person its always important that I challenge myself so when I started to work on this project , it was completely new thing for me because in the short film, Bulbul appears in a character of Kathak dancer, Sardar (Turban Sikh) and woman with blonde wig so I found this character interesting and Bulbul is unlike me, She is chirpy girl and she is very different from me so these challenges was motivational factor for me to take up this role”

Talking about ‘Bulbul’ the short film, Divya said, “’Bulbul’ is written by Kundan Shah. It was his last piece work and unfortunately, he passed away when we were shooting in October. February onwards, we have been working with him on this film’s script.  ‘Bulbul’ is 25 minute comic film. It’s a story of free spirited girl who wants to woo her love interest so in order to woo her love interest many funny incidents takes place in this film.”

Talking about ‘Talaash’ – Jai Hind College BMS initiative, Divya said, “I am very excited to be here because college fests are so full of life and energy. Such kind of festivals is actually stepping stone for the students. College life was also motivational factor to me to make my directorial debut with college subject ‘Yaarian’. I have been inspired by college life so I am happy to be here to encourage the students”

Talking about Shashi Kapoor’s demise, Divya said, “It’s a deep loss and nothing can fill the void which he had left. He was brilliant actor and nice human being. I think we will cherish Shashi ji’s work forever and ever.”
Talking about her future projects, Divya said, “Right now, I am writing a film script so after release of ‘Bulbul’, I will concentrate on it and acting wise, if I get an exciting role then I would like to take it. I have been also getting lot of demands to make sequel of ‘Yaarian’ and ‘Sanam Re’ but till the time I find a right subject, I will not plan the film. I feel right script is most important aspect to go ahead with the film”

‘Bulbul’ is releasing on YouTube on 7 December, 2017. It also features Shiv Pandit and Elli Avram It is directed Ashish Panda.