‘Bhatt Naturally’ gives me an opportunity to spend time with my father and make memories: Pooja Bhatt


Actor and Filmmaker attended a press conference along with her father Mahesh Bhatt for the success of their radio show ‘’ which airs on 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Pooja said ‘’ gives her an opportunity to spend time with Mahesh Bhatt and make memories.

Talking about her show and the reason behind doing it, Pooja said, “It is an opportunity to speak to people directly. I feel in today’s world, we publicize false news more often than not so it’s refreshing to have a show where people are talking from their heart without applying any PR process. And more than that it is an opportunity to spend time with my father. We are creating memories. Through our show, we are touching upon subjects where people avoid to discussing it.”

The former actress also said she finds out society absurd: “I think we need more platforms where we can discuss topics more openly and I feel we need to normalize certain things because if in today’s date, if we talk about surrogate babies then I don’t why people get shocked that we are talking about sex, I find it quite absurd”

On the show, and Mahesh Bhatt touch upon certain taboo subjects in society, when asked what was the experience of doing this show, Pooja said, “See, We have been doing this show for last three months. I feel when we talk from our heart then it reaches to the audience. We are not talking about these subjects just for being controversial. The way we breathe, the same way we talk. I am the kind of person who does her work and doesn’t look back. We haven’t organized this press conference for anticipation. We have tested this show on people and after getting feedback we saying that this show has been accepted by people”

Talking about her future projects, “I am writing my first book. I also doing a digital show that I am acting in and I am making ‘Sadak 2’. I have a radio show, digital show, novel and I have a feature film.”

’s last known project as a writer and producer is ‘Cabaret’ starring Gulshan Devaiah, Richa Chadda, and S. Sreesanth.

The movie is being directed by Kaustav Narayan Niyogi and produced by Fisheye Network private limited.