All India actresses are beautiful and I can’t possibly choose one: Madhuri Dixit

graced the red carpet on Sunday night in all black. During media interaction, she talked about how she loves the new talent in the industry. She said, all India actresses are beautiful and she can’t possibly choose one.
was all praises for , and at the Lux golden Rose awards, when asked to name someone that she admires the most from the new lot of actress after her colleagues Madhuri said, “I always feel that beauty comes from within and we have a lot of beautiful actresses, I think all Indian actresses are beautiful. I can’t take just one name because there is Deepika, Priyanka, Katrina, Alia, there are many beautiful women on Indian screen.”
The Dhak Dhak said there are different things she admires in different actresses, naming a few she said, “I don’t have one favorite I like them for different reasons. I like Alia because she experiments with her roles she is a very good actress. She is extremity natural in front of the camera. There’s Deepika who is extremely gorgeous and she can carry the historical roles very beautifully because she has that aura.”
Madhuri also spoke about Priyanka who she will be working with on a Los Angeles based TV show for US network ABC, she said, “There is also Priyanka who is just fabulous. I just love her as an actress, you put her into any sort of a role and she just does it so well. There are different and so many actresses that I love.”
Another Indian beauty Anushka Sharma is said to tie the knot soon with cricketer Virat Kohli when asked if Madhuri would to congratulate them, she said, “I don’t know if there is something to give them best wishes for. When they actually tell me something like this is happening then only I will be able to give them my best.”
Madhuri will be seen in a comedy show by a New York-based writer Sri Rao, who has penned the series about Madhuri settling down in the suburbs of the US with her bi-cultural family.
ABC Studios will co-produce the show with Mark Gordon Company (MGC).