Actor Neeraj Bharadwaj to tickle in ‘I am Sorry God’


Mumbai: Actor who essayed various successful roles in television is now busy in films.He is playing villainous roles in many of them which includes producer-director Raj Sehgal’s suspense thriller “Dial F For?” where he plays the main baddie.

Now producer-director Raj Sehgal has signed the actor for a comedy-villainous role for the first time in his upcoming film “I am Sorry God”. Years ago, Neeraj had acted in Vijay Khare’s Hindi comedy drama “Hadh Kar Di Sharafat Ne” in which many comic post events transpired. In the beginning of this play had to read a book, from which one letter had to fall and after picking it up, the play moves on. When the curtain unfurls, started reading and turning page after page, but the letter did not fell. The backstage staff forgot to keep the letter in the book and Neeraj finally tore one page with his nail and let it fall down and then they played surged forward. Neeraj says, “I cannot forget that incident till date and for an actor tends to become nervous on stage. Once again I am trying the role of humour. Let’s see what happens then.”

Producer-director Raj Sehgal adds, “Neeraj has worked with for a number of times. He has a good sense of humour and has a good timing too in general when on sets too. He is the perfect choice for the role in the film.”