Stardom is by-product of good acting says Irrfan Khan


Actor Irrfan Khan interacted with media to promote his upcoming film ‘Qarib Qarib Single’ On Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Irrfan stated that stardom is just a by-product of good acting.

When asked Irrfan what matters him most acting in a film or achieving stardom since he has been on a roll at box-office with his past releases, to that, Irrfan said, “I feel stardom automatically comes . If you are an actor and if you are being able to entertain the audience then it automatically comes. There is no certain way to achieve stardom so personally, I stay away from this word because that’s not my journey, my journey is to tell stories if in that process if I achieve something then its good as  I feel stardom is by-product of good acting.”

Irrfan Khan next will be feature in  Amazon’s Indian original series ‘The Ministry’ a political satire directed by AIB’s  founder Gursimran Khamba, throwing some light on that project, Irrfan said, “Digital medium is future. It will be a satire and we didn’t attempted satire from long time. There was film of Manoj Kumar called ‘Yaadgaar’ (1970) in which there is song called ‘Ek Tara bole’ which was satire on society so with this also, we are trying to create something like that. I earlier worked with Gursimran in his AIB videos and I feel the team who is helming this project has strong and mature understanding of the subject so with maturity, if we are able to present political satire then it will be fun”

“We are still deciding on how much episodes we will shoot for that series”

Talking about his upcoming film, ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’, he said, “I am very excited for the release of the film and not nervous at all because we don’t get opportunity of playing this kind of character very often. It’s a beautiful romantic story and romance in this film is similar to which I used to see in my childhood which had old world charm in romance. The character of this film are more relatable which exists in cities so it’s exciting and we are waiting for audience reaction.”

When asked Irrfan was that conscious effort to feature in light hearted romantic film since ‘Piku’ and ‘Hindi Medium’ has worked really well, he said, “It was an co-incidence that back to back two mine romantic films are releasing. This could be because of after watching ‘Piku’ , people started thinking that I can also do romance in movies”

when asked Irrfan does he feel like romancing the way Shah Rukh and Salman romance onscreen, Irrfan said, “Everyone has their own way of romancing. The way I relate to romance, I try to perform that way only. it doesn’t matter to me how other actor romance onscreen”

When asked Irrfan what’s his comfort zone as an actor doing comedy or intense roles,  Irrfan said, “Intense roles are taxing. it takes more of your energy but when you do comedy , you are in that playful mood so that doesn’t need you to get consciously in your character. Intense roles are more consuming because after doing it you need to unwind and refresh yourself . While dubbing  for intense roles also, you feel that this scene should be kept as it is in the film without dubbing as it is emotionally taxing and this particularly doesn’t happen when you are doing  comedy”

Irrfan Khan is one of the huge star of bollywood who carved his niche in Hollywood as well and he is successfully managed to find balance between bollywood and hollywood, so when asked him how does he find that perfect balance, Irrfan said, “I give importance to each of my film irrespective of the budget. I don’t feel that story falls into category of small or big, budget of the film can be big or small. Each film is important because you do it from your heart, you take risks and while doing a film you know that this not a formula film so everything at stake from you side so doing small film also equally important for me as compared to being part of big budgeted hollywood or bollywood movie”

When asked Irrfan if  he has any regrets of turning down any particular film, Irrfan said, “There are many films which were offered to me in past which I wasn’t able to do, some of them became huge hits and there are some films , where I felt that I took right decision by not doing it so I never had misconception or regret in my mind. There were few scripts which  came to me and after me it went to some of superstars and it did really well, so I never think that if I was in that film then that film would have equally successful with my presence.  I have my space and they have their own space and market both of which is working beautifully for me and them as well”.

Irrfan’s ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ also marks debut of Malayalam actress Parvathy Menon in bollywood. It is directed by Tanuja Chandra.

It is scheduled to release on  10th November, 2017.