Sophie Choudry turns Entrepreneur; Launches her own tea brand ‘Fittox’


Actress and Singer Sophie Choudry turned has entrepreneur. On Thursday, Sophie launched her own tea brand ‘Fittox’ in Mumbai.

Talking about her tea brand ‘fittox’, Sophie said, “I think tea is India’s one of the most favorite drink but more than that, I feel fitness is also most important thing. Nowdays, people are trying hard to get fit so if we combine these two aspects then we get ‘Fittox’. This product has good taste and at the same time, you can stay fit with it. Its 30 day process but if its suits your body then you can take it continuosly as it has no side effects and it’s purely ayurvedic and its made in India.”

When asked her Sophie how she decided to come up with business line, she said, “I come from a business family. If I would have followed my family’s business line then I wouldn’t have come here in the Bollywood. My parents formed first ghee factory in 1960s and 1970s in United Kingdom which became very famous in the world. It was very successful brand so I am basically a ghee baby and now I am Fittox baby because it’s very close to what my family does. I always advocated that your lifestyle should be fit and healthy so far my journey has been really good but that doesn’t mean I will give up singing and acting”

Talking about growing popularity of Ayurveda, Sophie said, “I am really happy that people are moving towards ayurveda. We earlier always used to look up to foreign products but we have to focus on Indian products. Our PM Modi has made ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ very famous and if you look at my product and its color then it’s all about India. I believe in ‘make in India and ayurveda so I am very happy to be part of that process.”

Talking about future projects, Sophie said, “I am actually shooting for new video this year itself and you will see it early next year so I am very excited for it. I am in great shape. I have got some great music and collaborations, People also might see me singing in Punjabi because I have that image and people like to see me doing singing and dancing so that what I am going to do in future as well”

Tallking about threats that Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has received over Padmavati release, Sophie said, “I feel in all this controversy Deepika is so much of danger but being a girl she has handled it with lot of dignity and grace. I think it is obviously insane as someone is threatening like this to an individual in our country and everybody is doing nothing.”

“Deepika is a friend so I am more concerned about her. Entire world look up to us and we are famous for Bollywood movies and I think we should give a chance to the makers of Padmavati to show it and then react”

Sopphie Choudry last seen in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara!’ which released in 2014.