Shraddha Kapoor celebrates Children’s Day at a Municipal School in Mumbai

Shraddha who is very fond of kids decided to surprise the kids of a Mumbai Government school by visiting them and spending quality time, indulging in some origami as well as chit-chatting with them.

Since the kids were dressed for a fancy dress event, Shraddha spoke to them on the characters they are dressed in and completely loved their mimicry skills. Shraddha was seen in her ever giggly laughter as these kids showcased their fancy dresses and dialogues to her

Shraddha has always been passionate about encouraging and supporting children and has a soft corner for the less fortunate ones. She actively participates in charities that work towards the development of children.

She is one actor we must say who is beautiful inside out. who is known for her cuteness and killer smile is just not adorable in reel life but in real life too.