Rohit Roy – Support Padmavati and Hits Back On Social Media


Popular and noted Actor Rohit Roy, who is noted for his sensibility, just went wild on Twitter. The actor doled out series of tweets expressing his frustration, anger and hitting back trollers.
In the wake of Padmavati controversy, the actor Rohit Roy finds himself “sad” and “frustrated” about being an Indian living in India.
“For the first time, I’m sad, frustrated, enraged that I’m an Indian living in India… Never thought I’d ever say that. Indeed, very sad. Jai Hind,” Rohit tweeted.
The actor posted multiple tweets commenting on the controversy over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmavati”, which has attracted political parties and Rajput outfits to jump into a debate over alleged “distortion of historical facts” in the movie on Rajput queen Padmavati.
“India is what it is bcoz of its diversity, sense of democracy n imprtntly, it’s secularism…Hinduism, a way of life, is inclusive in nature…couple yrs bck, kiran felt unsafe, Aamir khan used the word ‘intolerant’ and all hell broke lose”
“Today, ppl are offering rewards for the heads of actors/directors for a film that they haven’t seen ONE SINGLE frame of! the govnt is doing nothin to stop this.. abetting even! Forget creative freedom, isn’t this ‘INTOLERANCE’ scary for all Indians? #saddened”
“A film is being used by some for political leverage.. does calling to behead a gentleman in any way legal, tolerable or democratic!!? How then are the powers that be quiet about it? No arrests, no warnings even! History cannot be distorted, no question abt it…”
“Bt under the garb of respecting n safe guarding your history, is it ok to write your future in blood?? Even using the word behead is barbaric! N what’s strange is tht in protecting the ‘image’ of a ‘mother’ u want to behead a daughter of the country who is merely portraying her!?”
“I am a proud Indian who holds our countrys’ history AND geography in high esteem.. that I’m an actor is incidental.. I have to say that this polarisation is going to debilitate India and bring it to its knees…what about this ‘mother’ of ours?!”
“India/Bharat has survived many an onslaught frm outsiders over centuries n we have survived and come out stronger bcoz the entire country n its ppl set aside thr differences to fight the outsiders…today in every corner of india, there is unrest…this fight will be disastrous”
“Yes India and Indians have become intolerant…Now to an extent that it’s scary…one doesn’t know what wrath of which faction one will incur while even making a statement which they don’t take fancy to..”
Padmavati has delayed its release due to the ongoing controversy, the movie stars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor.