Richa Chadha‏ condemned the Mob brutality incident in Thane

Richa has been known to speak her mind and what she thinks is right.  This time when she felt disturbed by the mob brutality incident in Thane expressed her thoughts on Twitter.
Richa quoted ‘Jai Mehta’ tweet mentioning a news from Times Now, and wrote, “Cops who watched on, people who took videos and didn’t help are all responsible for the murder.”
A mentally unstable man was tied upside down and beaten to death in Thane by a group of people, while police failed to rescue man from the beating.
Jai Mehta, Filmmaker, Producer tweeted, “What the f*#$ is going on man?! What is happening to our world?
People will stand and take videos! But not help a person in danger!”
Richa was last seen in a “Jia Aur Jia’ directed by Howard Rosemeyer co-starring, Kalki Koechlin, Arslan Goni and Frank M Ahearn.