Rakesh Sharma supports Padmavati, People have no fear of law and order


Actually, its all started in January 2017 when few people attacked Sanjay Leela Bhansali during the shooting in Rajasthan. That time no strict action was taken by the government and all this happening today is just a result of ignorance.

Rakesh Sharma who is a Social Media activist and founder of many websites like GadgetGaliyara.com and BollywoodGaliyara.com shown her support of Padmavati. He says, ” I do agree with and support that we should take of our Indian Culture and if anyone trying to defame the India Culture is at all acceptable. But, I also want to say that, what People are doing is not a protest its completely against the India law, People openly threatening actor and actress to break their legs, cut her nose and also few people offering crore of Rupees to cut the head on national TV. All this happening in front of everyone these people are roaming in our society openly. Our Police and few politician are also seen supporting all this bull shit”.

He also added, ” If our government took corrective action in January 2017 when the first incident happened, then no one dares to speak like this openly. This is the democratic country and everyone have rights to agree or disagree. But, there is the way of doing this. In past also we have seen many disagreements on Bollywood Movies. This time they have crossed all the limits. Our Government should take action against all who are taking law in their hand”.

He also suggests to all the people who are against Padmavati release, why can’t they are taking a stand for other women in India. We have so many problems with of sex discrimination, a high percentage of illiteracy, female infanticide, dowry system, etc. and these problems are not specific to any single community. Trust me we all are responsible for all these issues. If we can work on these issues then we can help our next generation to live in the happy world.

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