People give mileage to a film rather than focusing on actual social issues like rape says Esha Gupta


Actress attended jewellery launch event of jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra based on candy crush game on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Esha stated that people give mileage to a film rather than focusing on actual social issues like rape.

When asked Esha to give her opinion about death threat actress Deepika Padukone is receiving for her upcoming film ‘Padmavati’, Esha said, “In India, right now, no one speaks about ban when rape happens but a film is given so mileage because even these people, they know that they will get mileage out of a film and not because of some rape that happens as they don’t think rape is that important and I feel they should focus on actual social issues.”

When asked Esha whether people are getting offended by anything, Esha said, “People are now getting offended by everything. Right from what you eating, what you eating and what you not eating, who you sleeping with and who you not sleeping with, they have issues because they don’t have anything better to do in their own life”

Slut shaming and trolling women for their attire are among the most common forms of insults on social media. Esha has often come under the radar of these trolls for posting bold photographs on her social media account. But Esha just gives it back by posting more sensuous and bold photographs, thereby giving a clear message to the trolls that their opinion makes absolutely no difference to her so, when asked her whether she takes any kind of revenge with that, she said, “No.. I don’t say revenge because I don’t think anyone of them is so important me to give them any kind of importance. I mean if I have the confidence and I have the body, everything by god’s grace and media also support us so why not? I just go for it. Trollers are just those 5% where 95% loves me so, I am glad”

Talking about Mrinalini Chandra’s Candy Crush themed jewellery, Esha said, “People often praise their own people irrespective of their quality of work but luckily, it’s not the case of Mrinalini. She is my best friend but if you see her jewellery, it’s very different and inspired from candy crush saga. It’s very beautiful, girly, delicate and feminine. I don’t think anyone can do such kind of work apart from Mrinalini. Candy crush game is an addiction and I feel this jewellery is also going to be an addiction”

Now days, lot of actors and actress come up with their own clothing or jewellery line so when asked Esha whether is she is working on those lines, she said, “Very soon you well get an announcement next year that I am getting into and next year by January I will announce something” .

last seen in Milan Lutharia’s ‘Baadshaho’.