Padmavati’s beauty is beyond physical traits and is hugely inspiring: Deepika Padukone


who was present at the special 3D trailer launch of ‘Padmavati’ on Tuesday during media interaction said, Padmavati’s beauty is beyond physical traits and is hugely inspiring.

When asked if she received any comments on the unibrow or skin complexion as the character, Deepika said, “As women, we have been conditioned to think of beauty in a certain way and I am glad we did what we did with Padmavati and my look. It takes an immense amount of belief for all of us together to take that risk like this, because all of us has been conditioned that think of beauty in a certain way. But her beauty is beyond the physical beauty.

It’s her soul, her spirit, what she stands for and what she meant to her people. She was worshiped and we have to give her that due and credit, this movie is that. For me, she is hugely inspiring.”

While talking about doing different historical characters, Deepika spoke about how performing as Mastani was easier than ‘Padmavati’.

“It was very different for me, even though with Mastani there was a sense of historic warrior princess, Padmavati’s battles are very different. Her power and energy is very different but the spirit is similar. The purity, intensity, and the values she stands for are very relatable and identifiable, yet not in a literal sense. As Mastani if I have to show a warrior princess it’s easy for me to go on a battlefield with a Talwar. How do you fight that is so much more than a war? You are standing up for your tradition your culture, heritage, love. There is so much that is going on, just my emoting without any tools. I think that is what I found extremely challenging for me.”

The actress also revealed that she had been preparing for the role emotionally for the past 2- 3 years when Sanjay Leela Bhansali first mentioned it to her during Bajirao Mastani.

“We have been discussing this film and the character for the past two years. It’s not in the past one year that I have been shooting for. He will plant a thought in your mind and that’s where the film starts for me as an actor. And I am sure for him creatively as well. Preparing for a look or going for rehearsals are the physical aspects of starting a film but mental and emotional preparation started almost 3 years ago.”

The film, Padmavati is based on a book ‘Padmavat’. The film is a fictionalized account of the life of Rani Padmini, a legendary Hindu Rajput queen. The cast includes , , and .

The movie presented by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Bhansali Productions, is scheduled to release this year on December 1, 2017.