Neeraj Ghaywan – Juice is About Being Unconsciously Patriarchal And Misogynist


hosted a special screening of his short film, Juice here in Mumbai. During his media interaction, the filmmaker stated that unconsciously we all are patriarchal and misogynist.
“To be honestly admitting that we all have sometime or the other been unconsciously patriarchal and misogynist, and that is what this film is all about. The film is about the barriers we’ve created” said .
The short film Juice features powerhouses like Manish Chaudhari and Shefali Shah. The filmmaker Ghaywan again shows his deft touch in communicating a universal theme through ever-changing set-ups and on-screen relationships. Produced by Large Short Films, Juice was released on YouTube on November 22.
Neeraj also added that the movie hails from personal experience and shares the conception of the idea for the film.
“As I grew up, I’ve seen it in many families, but what I recently noticed is that the same phenomena of “Men” sitting and enjoying their entitlement in the living room, while “Women” are suffering in their kitchens have passed on to my generation, my cousins and their families, and I thought this is not right, this is so wrong”
“It is not just a small town phenomenon, you see this everywhere. So I was very passionate about and I saw this actually happening and even had a big argument with my cousins and my sisters about how this is wrong. So I started small little change in my own family and then I thought, why not make a film” added Neeraj.
The film is set during an evening get-together, when “Men” are having drinks and enjoying themselves in the drawing room but the “Women” are slogging in the kitchen, fulfilling their food orders or demands.
The movie is worth the watch as the crescendo that builds to a climax, which is bold and filled with worthy conviction. The is also noted for his 2015 release Masaan.