NAEMD celebrates the spirit of being a true Indian with Bollywood celebs


As the season of fest marches closer and closer with time, we at are glad to announce the celebration of the 12th successful year of JOSH, an inter-collegiate fest conceptualized and managed by the students of . The students have blossomed the excitement to host the show once again.

JOSH is an inter-collegiate youth festival that offers students an exciting diversion from the rigors of their campus life and by acting as a catalyst in sparking up their monotonous life. It’s an energizing experience that beholds great levels of enthusiasm and excitement by the youth. Every year JOSH dawns with a new theme to give people an enriching visual treat. As India is a cradle of human race, mother of speech and tradition, this year celebrates patriotism and the essence of being Indian with it’s HUM HINDUSTANI theme. College students from all across the city gave their highly energetic shots at the Mumbai auditions which were held on 15th October’17 at St. John’s Universal, Goregaon. JOSH 2017 Ahmedabad concluded on — with a lot of grandeur and stunning response. Mumbai finale will be held on 5th November’17 at st.john’s universal, Goregaon while India finale will be held on 15th November’17 at St Andrews Auditorium, Bandra [W]. Mumbai auditions gave a tough time to the judges to select the best of talents and performance which later resulted in conducting the second round.

Josh involves teams from various colleges participating in a fashion show, western and Bollywood dance competition, body tattooing, and face painting. It is segmented into multifarious categories that are FASHION TASHAN, DIL DESI STYLE VIDESI, RANG DE BASANTI, COLOURS OF INDIA and MERA INDIA.

Fashion tashan involves participants wearing their finest costumes and attitude and walking their way to glory on the ramp.

Dil desi style video is a mixture of western and Indian wherein the participants shake legs on western number choreographed in a fusion style.

Then we have Rang de Basanti in which the participants bring out the feeling of being Hindustani through their dance moves.

Colours of India and Mera India are face painting and body tattooing competitions respectively where their tattoos and designs will speak about their affection for our nation.

Mr. and Ms. Academia is a good looks pageant with a difference which embodies the spirit of youth. Here we intend to catch the future models and stars when they are blossoming because the educated youth is the most adored person. It is here that the raw and good looking youngster gather grace, poise, class, character, knowledge, and determination the achieve.

Student idol celebrates the talent of all kinds. Students get an opportunity to perform live on stage that will help them build confidence in oneself. All types of talents are appreciated and welcomed here.

Apart from offering platform to showcase talent, this festival acts as a foundation for superstars in the making. This festival puts to test the potential skills and creative spirit of the students, it is a promising platform to reach out the world and also hone them for bigger events.