Keeping Padmavati in mind it made sense to release ‘Parmanu’ later: Diana Penty


Diana Penty was seen at the launch of fitness center ‘Reset”. During media interaction, the actress said that keeping ‘Padmavati’ in mind it made sense to release ‘Parmanu’ little later.

Diana was asked about ‘Parmanu’ anticipated release in 2017 and if it was postponed due to ‘Padmavati’ she stated,  “That’s a question for the producer to answer but yes I think keeping that in mind, it just makes more sense to come a little later. I think they found a date in Feb but eventually, it all worked out for good.”

The actress also shared her training regime, she said she tries to be healthy but she loves to eat food. “ I really love food so I eat everything. But the least I can do is exercise and go regularly to the gym. I have now started taking that seriously. I do light weight training and strength training about 3 times a week and I have also added Pilates to my routine. For cardio, I resort to kicking boxing walking on the treadmill something gets boring.”

The actress also said she does not believe in the idea of size zero, “I don’t believe in size zero, I actually try to put on weight at times when I feel I am too skinny. And it all works out for me since I love food and can eat whatever I want and work a little to stay toned and fit. The most important thing is to be fit. I am not good at it but I try my best.”

Diana was last seen in ‘Lucknow Central’ with Farhan Akhtar. Her upcoming films include ‘Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran dagger’ directed by Abhishek Sharma, costarring John Abraham. It slated to release in 2018 and another film in the pipeline is ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi Returns’.