I would love to do a biopic on sister Nivedita follower of Vivekananda: Kalki Koechlin


Kalki Koechlin who was present at the launch of happy T’s collection by Cottonworld on Wednesday. During media, interaction said she would love to do a biopic on sister Nivedita follower of Vivekananda.

There have been many biopics’ films releasing “I would love to do a biopic, I am a history fanatic. I love reading books on history. I always wanted to do a biopic on sister Nivedita. She was a follower of Vivekananda.”

Hrithik Roshan was present at a special screening of Kalki’s new film ‘Ribbon’ where he stated that “I am a big fan of Kalki’s work and I am very excited about this film because it really promises to be a good.”

Kalki reacted to the incident saying, “I am so happy that he came for our film and he really did enjoy the film. I saw his genuine reaction and he is a big fan of Rakhee Sandilya our director. It helps a lot when he tweets and a lot of people read that tweet. I am very happy.”

Koechlin while talking about her association with Cotton world said she loves working with them. “I am always very happy with my commitments for Cottonworld they never ask anything unreasonable of me and I pretty much agree with their point of view and philosophy. It is really great that they started with Happy T’s. It is a first step into the future of sustainability. They have started with this men’s line but eventually, they will work towards making all their products sustainable.

She further added, “I think what Chetna-Vikas as an NGO is doing is fabulous; they are also helping farmers to understand the long-term future of farming.”

Kalki was last seen in Ribbon that is produced by Prakash Mondal and Swathi Mondal of Red Cart Films, and stars with Sumeet Vyas in lead role.