Don’t stop chasing your dreams because they really do come true: Rajkummar Rao


won the best actor at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for his performance in Newton on Friday. the film also won the best screenplay award at the ceremony.

Rao dedicated the film’s and his success to his Mother who passed away he was shooting for the film in Chhattisgarh. He took to Twitter to thank his team and express his gratitude.

Rao tweeted, “Won the best actor award at the most prestigious #APSA2017 (Asia Pacific Screen Awards). Thank you, Maa. Thank u team #Newton. Don’t stop chasing your dreams because they really do come true.”

Rao, who has a broken ankle, said coming to the awards gala despite the injury, turned out to be worthwhile. after his acceptance speech, he returned shortly to the stage, politely asking, “I am sorry. Can I take 10 more seconds? It is very important. It was a hard time for us to make this film. When I was shooting for this film, my dear mother passed away. We were shooting in the forests of Chhattisgarh.

“It is because of her blessings, I believe that ‘Newton’ is getting all these appreciations. So thank you mom and I love you,” Rao said.

Newton revolves around a rookie but idealistic election officer as he struggles to hold elections in a Chhattisgarh village despite the threat of Naxalite violence.

The two awards have come as a boost to the critically-acclaimed Newton, which will represent India in the Best Foreign Language category at the 90th Academy Awards next year.