Doing film like ‘Golmaal Again’ is T-20 match and ‘Kadvi Hawa’ is like Test match for me says Sanjay Mishra


Versatile actor Sanjay Mishra is busy these days promoting his upcoming film ‘Kadwi Hawa’ which is  based on climate change. Sanjay Mishra interacted with media on Thursday in Mumbai. During media interaction,  Mishra stated that doing films like ‘Golmaal Again’ is like T-20 match and film like ‘Kadwi Hawa’ is like playing test match for him as an actor.

Sanjay Mishra last seen on in ‘Golmaal Again’ playing  super funny role of Babli bhai  and now he has taken 180 degree turn to play intense character in ‘Kadwi Hawa’, talking about film choices, Mishra said, “I will continue doing  different characters like this in future as well. I want to play both T-20 match and a test match like a cricketer. I will keep continue doing film like ‘Golmaal Again’ which is highly popular like T-20 match among the audience and I also want to play intense character like this in  film like ‘Kadwi Hawa’  which is like a test match  which has very deeper and intense audience”

Talking about ‘Kadwi Hawa’, Mishra said, “I feel it’s a first time that anyone has made film on the subject of climate change in our country or in a world. It’s not like a typical disaster film where hero of the film saves the world by his heroics. It’s a very normal film on climate change and it’s an effort from our side to generate awareness about this important cause. It’s very important that’s why we should support  film like this not because we are featuring in it but this film’s subject directly deals with our life. I will urge all schools and colleges to show this film to their students.”

Talking about his character in the film, Mishra said, “I am playing a character of normal blind old man. He used to do farming as a profession but now it is not possible for him to continue farming because of scarcity of water. It’s a story of conflict that shows how he spends his life with his family in that situation ”

Talking about preparation that he did for this film, Mishra said, “To play the character of old farmer from draught affected area, I worked on my physique to ensure that he doesn’t look like he comes from well do to financial background. I also did  few workshops with  consultants of National Blind association to understand mindset and body language of blind people”

When asked Mishra whether this film will be able to relate with audience , he said, “Yes.. because audience has appreciated the trailer of the film which means as an actor, we have presented our characters and story well. If as an actors, we haven’t been able to translate real situation of that region to the audience then I feel we are not successful so doing that was our prime motive to do this film.

‘Kadvi Hawa’ stars Sanjay Mishra, Ranveer Shorey and Tillotama Shome in lead roles.

It is directed by Nila Madhab Panda and produced by Drishyam Films.

‘Kadwi Hawa’ is scheduled to release on 24 November, 2017