CBFC is behaving very strangely and very suspicious says Shyam Benegal


” crisis escalates while The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) review the film and makers hold a special screening for media. Veteran filmmaker showed concern on the matter and said CBFC is behaving very strangely and very suspicious.

The filmmaker, who helmed a committee to recommend reforms in the censor board’s working , said in a statement, “I must say the CBFC is behaving very strangely in the matter of ‘’. If the film did not carry a disclaimer it could easily be corrected. Why send the film back? Again it seems very suspicious,” said Benegal.
Benegal has faced a furious backlash in his time for his cinema on socio-cultural equality, for films like “Ankur”, “Nishant”, “Manthan” that focused on the evils of the caste system. the filmmaker believes the uproar against is a vote-bank political tactic given the political national situation.

“This is being done to consolidate the Rajput vote. Now, you must understand that the Rajput community is not one homogenized community across the country,” he said on the matter.

“By raking up the ‘’ non-issue, the Karni Sena hopes to homogenize the Rajput country across the country, unite them over an utterly irrelevant crisis. Sadly their ploy seems to be working. If I am from a particular caste and you tell me my cultural heritage is threatened I will naturally react against the threat,” he further added.

Benegal urges the protesters to get reasonable and wait for the film to release and then give a verdict.