Bigg Boss 11 November 15 Update: Vikas Kicks Hina Khan’s Photo in ‘BB Dino Park’ task


After Sabyasachi’s elimination at last week, Bigg Boss 11 house is waiting for the next caption. Today Bigg Boss announced a luxury budget task which plays an important role to decide top contenders for the Captionsy task.

The lawn area has been converted into a dinosaur park and each contestants photograph is placed in the center of the lawn area. Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharm, and Luv Tyagi are the three dinosaurs locked in a cage in the BB Dino Park. At regular intervals, with the sound of a dinosaur roaring, one dinosaur can come out the cage and crush one of the contestant’s picture whom they don’t want to see as the next captain.

Since the beginning of the task Vikas, Luv and Puneesh were seen disagree with other and want to roar each other’s favorite contestant’s pictures. When Luv first roar Arshi Khan’s photograph, Vikas Decided to plan his own game and make the fake commitment with Lov and Puneesh and once he came out he kicks Hina’s photo instead of Sapna’s; and also revealed what Luv wants to do while playing this game.

Also, Sapna loses her temper and in anger, she kicks her own photograph saying she is no longer wants to be a part of this task. However, Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani cannot agree with Sapna behavior as this can affect the outcome the of luxury budget.