Bigg Boss 11 : Bandagi’s father hospitalized due to high blood pressure


Relationship, Love, friendship these words are not new for Bigg Boss house, and we have seen many love couples inside Bigg Boss House in past seasons. But this time Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra really crossed all the limit.

Puneesh and Bandagi must have forgotten that there would be another life outside Bigg Boss house. Both are regularly seen sitting and sleeping with keeping hands together and even some times they slept together in one quite.

Salman Khan himself also warned both of them indirectly during weekend ka vaar, But both are not ready to leave each other any cost. Now, according the report published on Telly Chakkar website, Bandagi’s father was hospitalized due to high blood pressure. Her family and relative not very angry what she is doing inside Bigg Boss house.

Also her landlord where she lives at Mumbai is planning to throw her out once she came out from Bigg Boss 11 House.

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