Shooting for Ribbon was intense and stressful says Kalki Koechlin


who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film ‘’ said that shooting for the film was intense and stressful.

Kalki while talking about how the film was a completely new experience said, “It was very stressful and intense because we have been shooting without cuts. We used to shoot an entire scene in one shot. There aren’t any close-ups or edits. At times one single scene would go as long as 5 minutes and the camera would follow us around. So we had to very much be in the character throughout.”

Co-star Sumeet Vyas added that they shot the entire film is 22 days. “We used to do rehearsals before we started shooting a scene. Before that also our preparations included regular readings, rehearsals before the film process began. And that was tremendously helpful for a film like this. It helps you become comfortable with your own character and with your co-star.”

Kalki who became a mother for the first time on screen worked with a baby girl and a young kid in the film who portrays the role of their daughter, while talking about them she said that shooting with the baby was a whole different thing, “we would shoot based on the baby’s mood. When she was crying we would do a crying scene with her, when she was sleeping we do a different scene.

We had to work around the baby a lot. The baby was the star on our set, whatever she needed was the first thing that happened on the set.”

directed by Rakhee Sandilya is about a young urban couple trying to strike a balance between family life and work, while overwhelmed with the birth of a baby girl. They also find that parenthood comes with its own challenges. The film cast includes , Sumeet Vyas, and Hitesh Malhan

Presented by Red Cart Films and scheduled to release on 3rd November.